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Amitz can directly connect you with the actual equipment manufacturing companies we are working with. Every penny of your donation will go to actual life saving equipment. Amitz is currently seeking to supply the following Yishuvim .

for futher questions please contact the following officers

Emanuel Eyal Segal

Avney chefets :

Kiryat netafim:

Rechelim        :

Bini Caspi       : +972503072849


“Amitz” is a non-profit organization which coordinates and trains early response teams from Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, in addition to providing the maximum amount of security and emergency medical gear needed to protect the wellbeing of the residents there. Rescue and Security teams are legally responsible for the security and safety of the families that they protect, as an initial response to Arab terror attacks, and are expected to fulfill these duties in the most trying circumstances. However, due to budgetary constrictions, limited training, and the level of equipment they are issued, their abilities are severely hindered, unnecessarily jeopardizing Jewish lives in dangerous situations. It is the mission of Amitz to provide the much needed life-saving tools and instruction lacking in these communities, too often under fire by terrorists bent on the murder of Jews.


The burned-out house of the Shabo family in Itamar where mother Rachel and three of her children where brutally killed.

The public bus to Emanuel where 12 civilian, mostly children, were cruelly murdered, and another 30 injured, by Arab terrorists.

In the News

Arabs surrounding Itamar

Since the begginning of January, Arabs from the surrounding villigases have been climbing up the mountain and surrounding the communities that branched out from Itamar as well as Itamar itself. The citizens are having to protect themselves and we are making sure the girls school is protected. We have installed a sophisticated camera system and fences to surround the school. However, we need help with the monthly cost of security for the school. Please join us in helping keep these students safe!

2 terror cells exposed in West Bank

IDF and Shin Bet arrest two terror cells active in stone throwing, rioting and attempted shooting attacks in West Bank Read more

West Bank sees rise in terror attacks

Shin Bet report for 2012's end shows marked rise in terrorist attacks in West Bank and Jerusalem: 111 in December, compared with 28 in August Read more

Near Shilo: Arabs Injure 11 Jews, Damage Vineyards

About 250 Arabs attacked Jews at Esh Kodesh. Jews defend themselves with rocks, fire in the air. Read more

Koch to Cameron: Judea and Samaria Essential to Israeli Security

"Why would you expect Israel to cooperate in its intended lynching?" former New York Mayor asks British Prime Minister. Read more

UN Legitimizes Palestinian Terror Regimes in Judea/Samaria/Gaza

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has voted to make ‘Palestine’ a ‘non-member state’ of the UN. This has done no less than legitimize the two Palestinian regimes that promote terrorism, murdering Jews and Israel’s destruction. Read more

Terrorist Arrested at Entrance to Maaleh Adumim

Police arrest an Arab who intended to carry out an attack as a way out of a dispute with another Arab. Read more

Arab Stabs Israeli Woman in French Hill Incident

An Arab terrorist attacked and stabbed an Israeli woman in her 30s during an attempted carjacking in French Hill neighborhood. Read more

'Terror in School': Hasbara Meets 21st Century

A new animation by the Scratch Group tells the Israel-Gaza story better than 100 spokesmen. Read more

‘Serious Failures’ in Attack on Jewish Family

IDF failures allowed a terrorist to nearly murder an Israeli woman and her young children, security head says.Read more

PA Arab Road Terror Attacks Foiled by IDF

Palestinian Authority Arab terrorists are continuing road terror attacks on Israelis, although rocket fire is now banned. Read more

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